New Latino Initiative Program Trains Law Enforcement

After more than a decade of community impact, the Latino Initiative has inspired countless success stories benefiting North Carolina’s Latino population in the fields of health care, civic engagement, law enforcement and more.

This year, Go Global NC will offer a new Latino Initiative program designed specifically for law enforcement officials. Alumni who were inspired by their own Mexico experience are spearheading this program to provide this unique cultural training for officers at all levels.

Chief Kerr Putney (2014 alum) and Major Diego Anselmo (2005 alum) are incredibly supportive. The Latino Initiative program for law enforcement will be designed to provide members of Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Police Department with a greater cultural understanding for the citizens they serve.

This September, the Latino Initiative will travel with the inaugural delegation of law enforcement officers. Leave your well wishes and advice in the comments!


Pictured: Sgt. Byron Hill (L) and Chief Gary Tyson (R) – 2015 Latino Initiative participants and law enforcement officers.