Lesson Plans

Global Education Lesson Plan by Matt Merrill

Looking Outside Your Lives and Into the World

Understanding the water cycle as it relates to the ecosystem

Understanding the education gap

Moving Up – PE Lesson

Cultural Competence and World Literature Short Stories

How population growth affects urban and rural populations

Scale Drawings and Models in Singapore and Malaysia

Operation Courtyard Chicken

Visual Literacy to Make Connections between German Art and Night by Elie Wiesel


Geography- Compare and Contrast NC

4th Grade Food Chemistry Unit Plans

4th Grade Food Chemistry Unit Plans

4th Grade Science Global Lesson

4th Grade Science Global Lesson

Germany and the Pythagorean Theorem

Courtyard Chickens!

India’s Amazing Race Lesson Plan by Melinda Simons


India: US-India Connection Lesson Plan by Ruby Cutshaw

India: Choice Board Lesson Plan by Yanessa Miller

Civics and Governance Second Grade

India & Pythagorean Theorem

HS Math: Exponential Functions

Connecting NC to the World Recycling Presentation by Leslie Rhinehart

Going Global Lesson Plan by Karen Waller

Denmark culture by Britney Kensmoe

Design a cargo bike and change your community Lesson Plan by Mimi Collins

Recycling lesson plan by Jodi Antinori

Connecting math and the world Lesson Plan by Lindsay Hamrick

Legend of fairy tales lesson plan by Stephanie McMullen

Accelerating green energy toward 2020 Presentation by Tone Madsen

Training a new sustainable generation presentation on energy and water

India Lesson Plan by Theresa Pierce

India and Denmark Vocabulary and Quiz by Theresa Pierce

Vikings, Biking and Hans Lesson Plan by Theresa P. Pierce

Archaeological Finds Lesson Plan by Roneca Wallace

Community Engagement Lesson Plan by Melissa Sykes

Culture PPT Denmark by Britney Kensmoe

Project Summary Form by Britney Kensmoe