Featured Traveler of the Month: Todd Nuccio

The Center for International Understanding, through its many programs, has given North Carolina teachers and community leaders the opportunity to travel all over the globe. They have gained perspectives on education and community building in other countries, and applied that knowledge to their own communities throughout North Carolina. More than 8,000 individuals have traveled to 48 countries with a CIU delegation. In this special blog series, we’ll feature delegates that are making a difference in their community and applying what they learned from a CIU program.

This month, we get to know Todd Nuccio, Trial Court Administrator for the 26th Judicial District.

Todd Nuccio USE THIS PHOTOProgram:

Latino Initiative 2007

Describe your background:

As a trial court administrator (TCA), I serve as a facilitator for change. By initiating and coordinating discussions, I am able to identify problems and solutions that lead to a more effective and efficient court system. My duties include research and strategic planning, program development, project management among others. In addition to the analyses of effective court operations, the TCA is responsible for the oversight and administration of specific court services such as:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Family Court
  • Drug Treatment Court
  • Custody Mediation

What have you gained from participating in the program?

I have gained a broader perspective and understanding of the forces that drive immigration to the United States from Mexico. I have also come to better understand the interconnectedness that North Carolina and the larger US have with Mexico in terms of socio-economics.

How have you applied what you learned in your own community?

I have been able to share my experiences from the trip to help educate my friends, family and colleagues on the realities of immigration from Mexico and other Latin American countries. I have also utilized the knowledge gained to better serve the population of non-English speaking customers who seek services from our court system.

What was your “ah ha” moment? 

The trip allowed me to put a human face on issues being discussed. In addition to the personal experiences I had while abroad, the presentation offered by Professor James Johnson from UNC regarding the shifting demographic trends of the US and the beneficial economic impact of immigration was extremely eye opening. 

Why is CIU’s Latino Initiative program important to North Carolina/Mexico?

CIU helps expose individuals to new information and potentially life-altering personal experiences. The program is instrumental in creating ambassadors and messengers who, by sharing their knowledge and experiences, can create a more informed citizenry. A more informed public leads to better governmental policies.

What advice do you have for future travelers?

Find opportunities to interact with the citizens of the host country as much as possible. These exchanges are the most interesting and meaningful part of the experience.

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