China Programs

China Programs are making “the other side of the world” a lot closer. Nearly 100 North Carolina administrators and teachers have travelled to China with Go Global NC for a weeklong program to jumpstart or strengthen their schools’ Chinese language programs and partnerships.

Traveling as members of The College Board Bridge Delegations to China, North Carolina educators experience school visits, cultural activities and educational workshops along with educators from across the United States. Delegates are guests of Hanban, an affiliate of the Chinese Education Ministry, and a partner of the Go Global NC since 2009.

Individuals gain a deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture. As a result, they are given the opportunity to influence how a school integrates global education into classrooms. In bringing back knowledge and experiences to North Carolina, they will help prepare students and our state to succeed in a global community.

What participants learn, and more importantly share with others, is making a difference in North Carolina’s global leadership. The far-reaching impact of China Programs truly fosters understanding in our communities.

Educators call Go Global NC programs “the best professional development experience of my life!” We invite you to capture that experience through greater connections with fellow alumni, seek and share resources including your latest findings in the education field, and start a conversation about your victories and challenges in the classroom.