About the Community

historic photo-Carter&HuntIt all started in 1979 with one goal: make North Carolina the most globally engaged state in the nation. Over the past 30+ years Go Global NC (formerly the Center for International Understanding) has helped to open minds and create opportunities for North Carolina to be a leader on the international stage.

Never wavering from our mission, we’ve sent over 8,000 North Carolinians to 48 countries in search of not only what makes us unique, but also what binds us together.

As a program participant, you are a valued member of the alumni community. You asked for a way to stay connected and continue the learning and we heard you: Welcome to your very own online platform!

Now we take the next step in our journey…

We want you to connect with fellow alumni.

We created this platform not only as a place where you can keep up with your fellow program participants, but where you can continue to learn from each other. You’ll find resources and photos, of course, but you’ll also find a private discussion forum to exchange ideas and talk about what’s working and what isn’t. We created this community to connect you all.

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We want to connect with you.

We want to hear your stories. We want your photos. We want to know what happened after you came home. What’s next? How does your CIU experience influence how you think? Does it impact what you do? What insights do you have to share?

Send us your photos, your blog posts, create a webcam video. Add your voice to the CIU mission. Don’t be surprised if we ask you to share what you’ve learned!

What’s next?

It’s up to you. We’ve created this space and we’re committed to nurturing a vibrant online community, but we need your participation and help. Check out the resources, reconnect with your fellow program participants, and please start or comment on a discussion in the forum. If it’s your first time here, browse the site to learn about other alumni experiences!

Finally, this platform was created for you. We want your thoughts and suggestions. If you see something that’s not working or could be better, please let us know on the beta survey that should hit your inbox about a week after your invitation or contact us.